Private Training

Dog Sense offers in-home private training sessions.

We start by coming to your home and doing an initial consultation. We assess your dog in-home with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of the natural order of the household, a feel of the main environment where your dog spends its time, and witness organic problem behaviours (This is where they are most likely to occur).

We gather full information on history, current issues, and what your main concerns are. We then develop a personalized therapy plan based on your needs and the needs of your dog. The therapy package will detail how many sessions are recommended and outline the specified protocols that will be used. You then have the option to continue; there is no requirement to commit.

If you own or are employed at a vet clinic, dog grooming facility, daycare or boarding facility, Dog Sense is willing to offer services and information to help you better serve your clients. Please contact for more information.

Consultations are a flat fee of $100.00

Prices of training packages vary depending on risk involved, complexity of plan development, number of sessions, travel fees, etc. If you choose to go forward with your customized training plan, $50.00 from your consultation will be put towards the price of your package.


Now offering Skype sessions.

If you are unable to leave your home, are located out of the local area, or are interested in discounted rates, Dog Sense now offers skype sessions to better serve your needs.

Please inquire with any questions you may have.

*This service may not be suitable for all training circumstances