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About Dog Sense



Dog Sense Behaviour Consulting is dedicated to building harmonious relationships between companion dogs and owners.

Having a dog with behaviour issues can be frustrating and can leave your household feeling very chaotic. You can miss out on functions, feel excluded from public areas, and be left feeling exhausted from searching for the right answer.

Dog Sense is your answer!

At Dog Sense, we focus on getting to the root of the issue, targeting that issue, and building a base of deference, trust, and understanding between you and your dog. We use science based protocols to ensure success.

We educate our clients on dog behaviour, bust the myths prevalent in today’s society, build a strong understanding of your own dog’s personality and give you the tools to resolve problematic behaviours.

About Me



Dog Sense Behaviour Consulting is owned and operated by Angela Gina Argent.

In 2012 Angela obtained her diploma in Applied Dog Behaviour Consulting. Since then she has been extensively working and applying her knowledge in family homes as well as many local rescues.

Angela decided to pursue a career in dog behaviour after experiencing problematic behaviours of fear aggression with her own dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Moses. Feeling exasperated by the limited resources out there and inadequate knowledge available, she made it her personal mission to try to educate people and provide answers and hope to other dog owners who have been left feeling lost, exhausted, and confused about their dog’s behaviour.